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Land Cover Trends: Rates, Causes, and Consequences of Late-Twentieth Century U.S. Land Cover Change

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Principal Investigator: Thomas R. Loveland, US Geological Survey, EROS Data Center
Co-Investigators: Terry Sohl, Kristi Sayler, Alisa Gallant, John Dwyer, James Vogelmann, Gregory Zylstra, Raytheon ITSS, Inc., EROS Data Center
EPA Collaborators: Tim Wade and K. Bruce Jones, NERL/ESD/LEB

The objective of this project was to estimate the types and rates of land cover change in the conterminous United States over the past 30 years. The analysis of change was based on Omernik ecoregion using five dates of Landsat MSS and TM data (nominally 1973, 1980, 1986, 1992, and 2000), and is complete for 18 ecoregions. Land cover change was estimated for each ecoregion based on randomly selected 10 km by 10 km or 20 km by 20 km blocks within the ecoregion with a goal of identifying 1% change in general land cover within each ecoregion at an 85% confidence level.

Research Plan [PDF, 44 pp., 438 KB]

Summary of change [Excel spreadsheet, 39 KB]

Source data and results by ecoregion - This page contains links to the data as well as the maps, photos, and descriptions of the 18 ecoregions.

Publications - This page lists citations related to this project.

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