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Data Access Instructions

Using the San Pedro Data browser it is only possible to view images of each data set provided.  Using the browser it is not possible to zoom in on a particular area of interest, view multiple layers at the same time, or perform any other type of spatial operation.  If this is your objective then the following instructions will assist you in achieving it.

To access the data provided with the San Pedro Data Browser directly you must first have installed some type of geographic information system (GIS) software on your computer.  For those who do not already have such software installed a free viewer is available.  ArcExplorer EPA Exit Disclaimer is a lightweight GIS data viewer developed by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)*. To install this software open the ArcExplorer directory, double click setup.exe, and follow the instructions on your screen. 

Once installed, ArcExplorer can be used to view the following data types: ArcView shapefiles, ArcInfo coverages, and a variety of georeferenced image types.  Unfortunately ArcInfo grids cannot be viewed directly with this software.  To access the data open ArcExplorer and from the "Theme" menu select "Add Themes".  A new window will open in which you can navigate to the data directories and add whichever themes (data sets) you desire.  Note that only one data type can be selected at a time when adding themes.  The directory structure is set up as follows:

/san_pedro/coverages/  contains all of the ArcInfo coverages

/san_pedro/shapefiles/  contains all of the ArcView shapefiles

Although options for spatial analysis of the data are limited in ArcExplorer, data themes can be manipulated sufficiently to make handsome figures for reports or other simple tasks.  For example, multiple themes can be overlain, themes can be queried, distances can be measured, and the map extent can be altered by zooming into a particular area of interest.  For additional information about using ArcExplorer with data from this browser, click here.

Metadata, or information about the data itself, can be accessed through the data browser by following the "Metadata" link at the bottom of each data page.

* Trade names are mentioned solely for the purpose of providing specific information and do not imply recommendation or endorsement by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or the Department of Agriculture.

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