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Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment Protocol for Hazardous Waste Combustion Facilities Peer Review Draft, November 1999

This document is undergoing peer review and is being made available for information only. We cannot at this time recommend its use. When the final version is complete we will make it available.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Federal Register (PDF) (2 pp, 124K)

Volume One

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF) (43 pp, 211K)

Chapter 2: Facility Characterization (PDF) (80 pp, 1.0MB)

Chapter 3: Air Dispersion and Deposition Modeling (PDF) (112 pp, 616K)

Chapter 4: Problem Formulation (PDF) (39 pp, 856K)

Chapter 5: Analysis (PDF) (29 pp, 170K)

Chapter 6: Risk Characterization (PDF) (15 pp, 85K)

References (PDF) (22 pp, 118K)

Volume Two

Appendix A: Chemical Specific Data (PDF) (310 pp, 2.0MB)

Volume Three

Appendix B: Estimating Media Concentration Equations and Variable Values (PDF) (140 pp, 680K)

Appendix C: Media-to-Receptor Bioconcentration Factors (BCFs) (PDF) (116 pp, 672K)

Appendix D: Bioconcentration Factors (BCFs) for Wildlife Measurement Receptors (PDF) (26 pp, 236K)

Appendix E: Toxicity Reference Values (PDF) (97 pp, 488K)

Appendix F: Equations for Computing COPC Concentrations and COPC Dose Ingested Terms (PDF) (177 pp, 1.0MB)

Appendix G: State Natural Heritage Programs (PDF) (5 pp, 17K)

Appendix H: Toxicological Profiles (PDF) (114 pp, 522K)

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