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Office Carbon Footprint Tool

This tool was created for office-based organizations ("offices") located in the United States to assist offices in making decisions to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their activities. This tool will allow the user to develop an estimate of their GHG emissions from a variety of sources including company-owned vehicle transportation; purchased electricity; waste disposal; and leased assets, franchises, and outsourced activities. It is not intended to address manufacturing operations or service-oriented businesses that use significant quantities of chemicals (e.g., cleaning services).

This tool includes examples of carbon-cutting actions such as recycling, waste prevention, and green power purchasing. The Office Carbon Footprint Tool follows the framework that is documented by the World Resources Institute/World Business Council for Sustainable Development's (WRI/WBCSD) GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. This tool is not meant to compile or create inventories and is strictly a tool designed to assist offices in making decisions on how to reduce the GHG emissions associated with their activities. Offices that are interested in creating a GHG inventory for reporting purposes are encouraged to use tools provided by state or non-governmental programs.

The Office Carbon Footprint Tool (version dated 7-31-09) is available as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (self-extracting WinZip file, 810K).

When the tool opens, the toolbars and menu options are hidden. However, the Excel environment is restored upon closing and should not affect other spreadsheets. If you would like to view the toolbars in other spreadsheets while the office carbon footprint tool is open, you can follow these steps to restore the Excel environment:

  1. Open the Office Carbon Footprint Tool
  2. Go to "Tool Options" on the top left menu bar (top of screen)
  3. Click on "Restore Excel Environment"
  4. When prompted for a password, click "cancel"
  5. The toolbar has now been restored

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