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Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program

Once you have identified products that could be purchased with recycled content through a waste assessment, determine the availability of recycled products that meet your specifications in your area using the resources below. You can contact the Helpline at (800) EPA-WISE (372-9473) or e-mail the Helpline (wastewisehelp@epa.gov) for assistance.

The following list of resources is not intended to be comprehensive and does not constitute EPA endorsement of products or services. The resources referenced are those WasteWise found to be most useful. Please contact the Helpline (wastewisehelp@epa.gov) with any additional state or nonprofit buy recycled listings.

Directories by State (State Agencies and Non-profits)

2004 Directory of Dealer/Processors of Recyclable Materials in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi Exit EPA
This directory of dealers/processors of recyclable materials in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi is published by the Southern Waste Information Exchange, Inc. (SWIX). SWIX is a non-profit clearinghouse for industry on numerous issues including recycled products, solid and hazardous waste, and alternate and emerging waste management technologies. The directory contains a listing of dealers/processors for all four states by both material and company name.

California Integrated Waste Management Board Recycled-Content Product Directory Exit EPA
This online database is managed by the California Integrated Waste Management Board and lists recycled products. It also provides information on companies that reprocess, manufacture, and/or distribute these recycled products.

Florida Directory of Recycled Product Vendors Exit EPA
The Southern Waste Information Exchange, Inc. (SWIX) publishes this directory of companies that deal with various recycled products. The directory is organized by product type and provides contact information for the companies listed.

Massachusetts Directory of Recycled Products Manufacturers Exit EPA
Published by the Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Development at the University of Massachusetts, this directory provides information on a variety of products made of recycled materials as well as relevant background information on recycled content materials. The directory also includes contact information for those companies that manufacture recycled content materials beyond basic processing of the materials.

Michigan Manufactured Recycled Products Directory Exit EPA
This searchable directory, designed by the Michigan Departmentof Environmental Quality, provides vendor information for a variety of recycled content products. In addition to providing company contact information, the directory also provides information on the recycled materials used as well as the percentage of recycled material in the product.

Minnesota Recycling Markets Directory Exit EPA
The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance developed and maintains this searchable directory of recycled-content products made in Minnesota. Users can search the directory by manufacturer, distributor, feedstock, product category, or subcategory.

Missouri Recycled Products Directory Exit EPA
The Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority of the Missouri Market Development Program compiled the Missouri Recycled Products Directory as a source of information on the recycled products available for sale in Missouri. The directory is organized by product type and includes additional suggestions and information on recycling various materials.

New Hampshire's Recycled and Reused Products Directory Exit EPA
WasteCap—an initiative of the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire—and the New Hampshire Governor's Recycling Program compiled this Materials Exchange. This online directory lists vendor names and contact information by material type.

New Jersey Guide to Buy Recycled Products Exit EPA
The Association of New Jersey Recyclers (ANJR) is a non-profit organization promoting recycling through education and advocacy. ANJR maintains the Guide to Buy Recycled Products, which is a database searchable by key word and product category.

New York State Buy Recycled Products Directory Exit EPA
The New York State Buy Recycled Products Directory was compiled for the New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling and the Buy Recycled Alliance of New York to encourage purchases of recycled-content products. The directory contains a listing of companies organized by recycled product type and is periodically updated to provide the most up-to-date information on recycled products available in New York.

North Carolina Manufacturers of Recycled Products Exit EPA
The North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA) published this guide of manufacturers of recycled products.

Guide to Ohio Vendors of Recycled-Content Products Exit EPA
Ohio's Department of Natural Resources Division of Recycling & Litter Protection has prepared a guide with information on Ohio-based manufacturers and wholesale distributors of recycled-content products.

Manufacturers Using Recycled Materials Exit EPA
This list, complied by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality's Land Protection Division, includes manufacturers using recycled materials in Oklahoma.

Garbage and Recycling Exit EPA
This website is maintained by Metro—the elected regional government—in the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area. Get everything you need to know about recycling and garbage and hazardous waste disposal in the Portland metropolitan area. Plus, learn how to keep your neighborhood clean.

PA Recycling Markets Search Database Exit EPA
The goal of the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Search Database is to assist Pennsylvania companies, institutions, organizations and individuals locate outlets for various recyclable materials.

State of Texas Alliance for Recycling ( STAR) Exit EPA
The mission of STAR is to increase recycling rates to the highest level afforded by balanced economic and environmental sustainability principles, for the benefit of the State and the people of Texas. This is done through fostering communication and the exchange of information regarding recycling among professionals, organizations, governmental entities, and individuals; by complementing and coordinating recycling industry initiatives; and by acting as a clearinghouse of recycling resources.

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