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EF/ICR logo Column Name: EXTCLRES

Description: Total chlorine residual concentration in mg/L--values are based on expert judgement. For this field, an expert has evaluated the comments submitted by the utilities. If the correct value was entered in the comment field the expert will enter the correct value here. Expert intervention occurs for those values = 0.1 with a comment or a value of 0. All total chlorine residual concentrations set = "-333" are changed by expert intervention as follows: (1) If an actual concentration value was rep orted by utilities in the comment field, the value replaces "-333" and is entered here.; (2) If the value is reported as below detection in the comment field, "-999" replaces "-333." The user may want to use this expert value field instead of Tot_CL2_Res_ppmCL2.

Envirofacts Table Name: TUXDISFRES

Data Source:


Definition Source: Data Element Dictionary for the Information Collection Rule Auxiliary 1 Database.

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