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MAIA Estuaries 1997-98

Data and metadata for MAIA Estuaries 1997-98 data sets are available below in text and PDF formats respectively. Software (Adobe Acrobat) for viewing PDF files is freely available from Adobe Systems Inc. Exit EPA

  • To download a data or metadata file from this page, use your browser's "File" "Save As..." option.
  • To download data in SAS XPORT format, go to Export Page.
  • For an overview of the database design, key fields, and coded variables Read This.
STATIONS: Sampling Station Location Data
EVENTS: Station Visit Data
WATRPHYS: Water Quality Physical Measurements Data
NUTRNTS: Water Quality Nutrients Data
SEDGRAIN: Sediment Grain Size Data
TOXICITY: Sediment Toxicity Data
SEDCHEM: Sediment Chemistry Data
BENGRAIN: Benthic Community Grain Size Data
BEN_ABUN: Benthic Abundance Data
BEN_BIOM: Benthic Biomass Data
BENSUMRY: Benthic Community Summary Data
FTRAWL: Standard Fish Trawl Summary Data
FISHSPEC: Fish Abundance Summary By Species Data
FISHPATH: Fish Length and Gross Pathology Data
FSH_SPLN: Fish Spleen Data
TISSCHEM: Fish and Crab Tissue Chemistry Data
ANALYTES: Chemical Analyte Code Table
BEN_TAXA: Benthic Taxon Code Table
FTAXON: Fish Taxon Code Table

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