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Request for Project Applications

2007 Request for Applications (24 pp, 86Kb, PDF)


Consistent with the basic goals of REMAP, ORD assists the Regions, states, local governments and tribes in incorporating the latest science on ecological monitoring into their environmental decision-making process. Selected research projects address real regional environmental issues where monitoring results will influence decisions; address data gaps and advance the science of ecological monitoring. Projects are consistent with the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program’s (EMAP) probabilistic design to assess the condition of the Nation’s ecological resources.

The selection of REMAP projects occurs through a competitive process within EPA region in response to an annual solicitation. Since 2003, requests for REMAP projects have complied with EPA's policy on Competition for Assistance Agreements (EPA Order 5700.5). Eligible applicants include States, their territories and possessions, U.S. Tribal Nations, institutions of higher education, hospitals, and other non-profit organizations.

Questions about the REMAP RFA

Please direct questions about the RFA to the REMAP Coordinator or one of the Regional Coordinators. Answers to questions about the RFA will be posted here in the future.

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