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Region 4 Recent and Current REMAP Projects

Peter Kalla, 706-355-8778

Project Partners Contact
Southeastern Wadeable Streams REMAP National Park Service, Region IV states Peter Kalla, U.S. EPA Region 4
South Florida Ecosystem Assessment Project Phase III National Park Service, South Florida Water Management District, Florida International University, University of Georgia, U.S. ACE, USGS, Florida DEP, Office of Aircraft Services, Everglades National Park, ILS, Battelle, FTN and Associates

Peter Kalla, U.S. EPA Region 4

Geographically Isolated Wetlands in Eastern North Carolina Research Triangle Institute, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, University of South Carolina, Oregon State University Richard Sumner,  U.S. EPA Western Ecology Division

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