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Great Rivers Ecosystems Field Operations Manual

Great River Ecosystems Field Operations Manual

Angradi, T.R. (editor). 2006.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program: Great River Ecosystems, Field Operations Manual. EPA/620/R-06/002.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C.

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This manual describes procedures for collecting samples and field measurements for biotic assemblages and abiotic characteristics of the Great Rivers of the Central Basin of the United States: the Missouri, Upper Mississippi, and Ohio Rivers. The purpose of this manual is to document the field procedures to be used in the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program for Great River Ecosystems (EMAP-GRE). In addition to the technical and logistic aspects of field operations, this manual emphasizes health and safety considerations, data quality assurance (QA), and information management (IM). Not included in this manual are laboratory protocols, sample-design details, or protocols for data analysis or interpretation.

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