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1994-96 Carolinian Province

Compendium of Environmental Data for Estuaries
Sampled in the North Carolina Portion of the EMAP Carolinian
Province during Summer 1994-1996

W. Leonard Balthis1, Jeffrey L. Hyland2 and Timothy R. Snoots3

1998. 1Grice Marine Biological Laboratory, University of Charleston, SC
3SC Department of Natural Resources, Marine Resources Research Institute, Charleston, SC

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The data presented in this document are the results of sampling in estuaries in the North Carolina portion of the Carolinian Province during Summer 1994-1996. A total of 135 randomly located stations was sampled according to a probabilistic sampling design, and included measurements of: 1) general habitat condition, 2) pollution exposure, 3) biotic conditions and 4) aesthetic quality.

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