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1990 Quality Assurance Project Plan

1990 Quality Assurance Project Plan
Valente, R. C.J. Strobel, J.E. Pollard, K.M. Peres, T.C. Chiang, J. Rosen.

1990. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EMSL, Office of Research and Development, Cincinnati, OH.

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This document outlines the integrated quality assurance plan for the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program's Near Coastal Demonstration Project. The quality assurance plan is prepared following the guidelines and specifications provided in 1983 by the Quality Assurance Management Staff of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development.

Objectives for five data quality indicators (representativeness, completeness, comparability, precision, and accuracy) are established for the Near Coastal Demonstration Project. The primary purpose of the integrated quality assurance plan is to maximize the probability that data collected over the duration of the project will meet or exceed these objectives, and thus provide scientifically sound interpretations of the data in support of the project goals. Various procedures are specified in the quality assurance plan to: (1) ensure that collection and measurement procedures are standardized among all participants; (2) monitor performance of the measurement systems being used in the Near Coastal Demonstration Project to maintain statistical control and to provide rapid feedback so that corrective measures can be taken before data quality is compromised; (3) allow for the periodic assessment of the performance of these measurement systems and their components; and, (4) to verify and validate that reported data are sufficiently representative, unbiased, and precise so as to be suitable for their intended end use. These activities will provide data users with information regarding the degree of uncertainty associated with the various components of the Near Coastal Demonstration Project data base.

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