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Environmental Health Indicators Initiative

Start Date: 2001 | Completion Date: 2006

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Project Purpose

To define a set of Environmental Health Indicators for each region of the US-MX border.

Project Description

Through a set of workshops, whose methodology is set out in the conceptual document, a set of basic environmental health indicators is to be defined for each region of the US-MX border. These indicators will assist in defining the priorities and issues along the border. These indicators will be chosen and defined by local people, working both in state, national and local level agencies. These indicators will cover the areas of Air, Water, Food, Waste and Multiple exposures.


In September 2005 the last of the workshops was held in Nogales, Sonora. This workshop was for the sister cities of Arizona - Sonora, and included the participation of state and local agencies on both sides of the border. The report is currently being finalized, and will be available on the PAHO-FEP website as soon as it is completed.

Expected Outcomes

A list of Environmental Health Indicators for each of the four regions of the border.

Presentations or Publications

Each workshop will publish a report, to be available on the internet through the PAHO-FEP site Exit Disclaimer. To date the reports from El Paso (the conceptual document), McAllen and Tijuana are available.


Sally J Edwards, PAHO-FEP
915-845-5950 ext13

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