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Health/Environmental Data Availability for Air and Water

The EHWG has contracted with several groups in order to produce a "quick turnaround" snapshot of data availability related to air and water. There are two reports and databases for air quality data and respiratory diseases on the border, and one report and database for a portion of water quality and water-borne diseases. Please review the disclaimers included in the report before using this material.

For your convenience, the following files will open in new windows

Air report 1
(PDF, 29 pp, 500 KB)

Air report 2
(PDF, 21 pp, 82 KB)

Water report
(PDF, 26 pp, 190 KB)

Air database 1
(XLS, 150 KB)

Air database 2
(XLS, 950 KB)

Water database
(XLS, 250 KB)

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