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Environmental Health Indicators Initiative

Start Date: 2004 | Completion Date: TBD

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Project Purpose

The ultimate goal of this project is to improve public health in the US-Mexico Border Region by strengthening the scientific basis for environmental decision-making. In addition, the project will strengthen the scientific expertise needed to participate in such processes.

Project Description

The program has three components:

  1. Environmental Health Indicators Initiative - This component intends to define a framework for identification and use of specific indicators that establish a link between health and environment. These Environmental Health Indicators (EHI's) are intended to help in the comparative assessment of the status of the environment and public health before and after implementation of activities that support the US-Mexico Border 2012 program. Activities includes:
  2. Information and Communication on Environmental Health along the US-Mexican Border - This component looks to strengthen the environmental health capabilities of individuals and institutions in the areas of environmental health, by providing a common platform to access and disseminate environmental and environmental health information to individuals, organizations and agencies along the US-MX Border by:
  3. Advanced Training In Environmental Health - This component is part of a binational program to strengthen environmental health capabilities of individuals and institutions in the areas of environmental health and risk communication in the United States-Mexico border region. Training will focus on developing the disciplines of environmental health/occupational epidemiology, toxicology, engineering and risk communication. Audience: The target audience will be those working on health and environment and community settings, as well as stakeholders and decision makers in governmental and non-governmental institutions and universities in the border region.

Expected Outcomes

Project Contacts

Environmental Health Office at PAHO
5400 Suncrest Dr. Suite C-4
El Paso, Texas 79912
Ph (915) 845 5950 Ext 31
Fax: (915) 845 4361


PAHO, CDC/EPA, USMBHC and other Researchers and Agencies along the US Mexico Border PAHO, (CDC/NIOSH, CDC/NCEH, ADHS, CDHS, NMDOH, TDH, FUMEC, DGSA, DGE, INSP)

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