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Binational Tracking Network of Environmentally Related Diseases

Start Date: October 2004 | Completion Date: 2005

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This project addresses the information gap on diseases associated with environmental causes throughout the Chihuahua-New Mexico-Texas Border Region by establishing a pilot program to collect data in El Paso, Sunland Park, and Ciudad Juarez, create an inclusive committee to set criteria for the various classes of environmental diseases, and analyze results to see if links can be established between environmental quality and disease. The first phase of the pilot program considers only respiratory-based diseases. The second phase of this program will include gastro-intestinal data.

Project Description/Purpose

The project seeks to improve public knowledge and understanding of the relationship between air and water quality and the aforementioned diseases. While the pilot project is limited in scope, it will initiate a tracking network to provide comprehensive data of diseases and their relationship to environmental conditions. This project is designed to provide common criteria and methodology for the U.S. / Mexico border region on disease tracking and data reporting. Among the most widely mentioned issues regarding the development of disease tracking networks is the difficulty in developing compatible databases. This project will attempt to remove that barrier.

Expected Outcomes




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