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Binational Surveillance of Disease Related to Air Pollution in Imperial County and the Municipality of Mexicali

Start Date: October 2005 | Completion Date: September, 2006 (tentative)

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Project Purpose

One of the goals of the Imperial-Mexicali Air Quality Task Force (IMAQTF), Health Workgroup is to encourage the formation of a binational environmental health surveillance system for diseases associated with air contamination.  This is important both to 1) assess the cardiopulmonary health of residents of the common air basin and 2) measure the health effects of air quality improvements.  The latter goal would be accomplished in conjunction with on-going air monitoring efforts.  The current proposal is to extend the BIDS model to the realm of air pollution, establishing standards of clinical data collection for the binational Imperial/Mexicali air basin.

Project Description

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California-Mexicali, San Diego State University, and the Instituto de Salud Publica del Estado de Baja California (ISESALUD), the three former of which have representation on the IMAQTF, have worked closely together from January 2005 through the present to accomplish the project goals. The collected information is serving to illuminate the steps necessary to accomplish the ultimate goal of the IMAQTF Health Workgroup: the formation of a common cross-border respiratory disease reporting system.

Accomplishments to Date

Remaining Tasks

Specific deliverables resulting from this project will be:
1) written summaries of existing surveillance of diseases related to air pollution in Imperial County and the municipality of Mexicali to serve as a basis of discussion in the expert forum,  2) the recommendations garnered from the forum, and 3) a written final report and recommendations.

Presentations or Publications


Project Contacts

Kathryn Dowling
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (California EPA)
(510) 622-2573

Marco Antonio Reyna
Instituto de Ingeniería, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

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