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The NNEMS program is currently being evaluated by EPA.

Thank you for your interest in EPA's National Network for Environmental Management Studies (NNEMS) Fellowship Program. The NNEMS program is currently being evaluated by EPA, and we hope to have information about the 2011 program posted here in the near future.

The NNEMS program is currently being evaluated by EPA.

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NNEMS 2010 Program Materials

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Program Announcement
Identifier: EPA-EED-10-01

NNEMS Catalog for 2010
(EPA 171-B-09-001)

[PDF, 1.5 MB, 118 pages]

NNEMS Application Materials
[PDF, 631 KB, 17 pages]

For additional information, e-mail the NNEMS Fellowship Program.

Questions About a Project?

If you would like additional information about or clarification of a specific project, please complete and submit the project-specific questions form.

To view answers to questions submitted by other applicants or updated information about the projects, click here.

Details about the NNEMS program are provided in the following documents:

Two-page brochure providing a summary of the NNEMS program NNEMS Undergraduate & Graduate Student Fellowship Program
[PDF, 413 KB, 2 pages, about PDF]
Two-page brochure provides a summary of the NNEMS program.
NNEMS Catalog for 2010 NNEMS Catalog for 2010 (EPA 171-B-09-001)
[PDF, 1.5 MB, 118 pages, about PDF]
The Catalog for 2010 provides detailed information about the program, including:
  • Evaluation and selection process
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Complete application materials and process
  • Procedures that initiate and complete a fellowship
  • Program guidelines for students awarded fellowships

The Catalog also includes descriptions of each research project offered in 2010 and a list of the NNEMS Program Coordinators.

You may also view the NNEMS solicitation announcement [PDF, 50 KB, 15 pages, about PDF] in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) format.

NNEMS application materials NNEMS Application Materials
[Interactive PDF, 631 KB, 17 pages, about PDF]
The application materials have been extracted from the NNEMS Catalog for 2010. Please see the How to Apply section of this site for additional information.
Helpful Tips:
checkmark Be sure to carefully read the section, How to Apply, on page 5 of the NNEMS Catalog for 2010 for detailed instructions on applying for a NNEMS fellowship
checkmark Confirm that you meet all of the eligibility requirements
checkmark Include an official college transcript for each school attended
checkmark Indicate on the application whether the Reference Form(s) will be sent under separate cover
checkmark Type or complete online the application. If handwritten, write as neatly as possible
checkmark Review the application to check for typographical or grammatical errors
checkmark Mail the application so that it is postmarked on or before
February 5, 2010


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