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Water: Lakes

Clean Lakes

Comprising 39.9 million acres, lakes and reservoirs are a major water resource in this country. Freshwater inland lakes and reservoirs provide our nation with 70% of its drinking water and supply water for industry, irrigation, and hydropower. Lake ecosystems support complex and important food web interactions and provide habitat needed to support numerous threatened and endangered species. Lakes are also the cornerstone of our nation's 19 billion dollar freshwater fishing industry, form the backbone of numerous State tourism industries, and provide countless recreational opportunities.

This Clean Lakes site includes information on a broad range of topics:

This video showcases a successful lakeshore protection project in Reston, Virginia, that was spearheaded by the Reston Association in cooperation with lakeshore property owners. The Reston Association encouraged the use of innovative techniques, including the installation of coconut fiber biologs and the planting of natural vegetation, to protect lake shoreline habitat and reduce runoff. The National Lakes Assessment, released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2010, showed that poor shoreline habitat and runoff from nitrogen and phosphorus pollution were key stressors in the nation's lakes. This case study can serve as a model for other communities interested in protecting their lakeshores from erosion and runoff, which degrade water quality and decrease lake property values.


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