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Water: Beach Grants

Appendices & Supplemental Information

Chapter 1

1A Oversight
1A1 Beach guidance review team (2002 Guidance)
1B Statute and Regulation
1B1 BEACH Act (2002 Guidance)
1C Science Background
1C1 Science Background: Indicator organisms; epidemiological studies & references (2002 Guidance)
1D Recreational Criteria & Science Plan. EPA is working to develop new recreational criteria. A number of documents are available as a result of EPA's recent efforts.
1D1 Critical Path Science Plan and Criteria Development Plan (Supplemental Materials)

Chapter 2

2A Beach Grants.
BEACH Act grants are awarded to eligible coastal and Great Lakes states, territories, and tribes to develop and implement beach monitoring and notification programs.
2A1 EPA Grant Coordinators (Supplemental Materials)
2A2 Federal Register Notice (Supplemental Materials)

Chapter 3

3A Beach Identification, Evaluation, and Classification
3A1 Beach Evaluation and Classification List (2002 Guidance)
3A2 List of Beaches (Supplemental Materials)
3B Conducting a Sanitary Survey. Sanitary surveys are important to determine sources of beach contamination.
3B1 Great Lakes Sanitary Survey (Supplemental Materials—2008)
3B2 Other Beach Sanitary Surveys (Supplemental Materials—2008)
3B3 Comparison of Other Sanitary Surveys (Supplemental Materials—2008)
3C Beach Definition and Examples
3D Source Tracking
3D1 Source Tracking Information (Supplemental Materials—2008)

Chapter 4

4A Beach Data. Collection of beach monitoring data is an important requirement of the BEACH Act and is addressed in the guidance document.
4A1 Data
4B Beach "Monitoring"
4B1 Data quality & sampling design (2002 Guidance)
4B2 Sample Collection (2002 Guidance)
4B3 EMPACT Report (see The EMPACT Beaches Project under Recreational Water Publications) (Supplemental Materials—2005)
4C Beach Modeling
4C1 Predictive Models (2002 Guidance)
4D Source Tracking
4D1 Source Tracking Information (Supplemental Materials—2008)
4E Training
4E1 Training (2002 Guidance)

Chapter 5

5A Beach Notification
5A1 Beach Notification—Effective Practices (Supplemental Materials)

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