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Water: Non Point Source & Stormwater Outreach

US EPA Tribal Nonpoint Source Workshop: Implementing a Nonpoint Source (NPS) Program - Agenda

September 29 - October 1, 2009 | Morongo Casino Resort and Spa, Cabazon, CA

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Download a Final Agenda (4 pp, 113K, About PDF)

Final Presentations

Introduction to the Workshop

Workshop Introduction
     Tiffany Eastman, US EPA
     Presentation (3 pp, 100K, About PDF)

Addressing Nonpoint Source Pollution

Best Management Practices and Management Measures
     Tom Davenport, US EPA
     Presentation (15 pp, 2.5MB, About PDF)

Panel Discussion: Choosing BMPs

Panel Discussion: Non-Structural Management Measures
  • MOU: Roadside Vegetation Management
    Nancy Schuldt, Fon du Lac
    Presentation (9 pp, 4MB, About PDF)
  • Lake of the Woods Multi-Agency Arrangement
    Jenilynn Bohm, Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians
    Presentation (10 pp, 790K, About PDF)

Tribal Case Study: Structural Best Management Practice Implementation & Reporting
     Katherine Holgate, Southern Ute Tribe
     Presentation (22 pp, 1.9MB, About PDF)

Climate Change Influences on Water Programs

Measuring and Evaluating a NPS Program

Section 319 and Section 106 Program Integration
     Dan Cozza, US EPA
     Presentation (6 pp, 348K, About PDF)

Developing a NPS Project Monitoring Program
     Tom Davenport, US EPA
     Presentation (24 pp, 1.4MB, About PDF)

Data Assessment Tools
  • Nonpoint Source Tools
    Robert Hall, US EPA
    Presentation (38 pp, 1.5MB, About PDF)
  • Development of a Tribal NPS Pollution Risk Index
    Meredith Garvin and Ean Garvin, Wyandotte Nation
    Presentation (15 pp, 2.1MB, About PDF)

Tribal Case Study: Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, NPS Demonstration Treatment Wetland Project
     Audrey L. Johnson, US EPA
     Presentation Part 1 (10 pp, 4.6MB, About PDF)
     Presentation Part 2 (10 pp, 1.7MB, About PDF)

Overview and Logistics of Field Trip
     Lonnie Rodriguez, Morongo Tribe
     Presentation (2 pp, 601K, About PDF)

Taking a Watershed Approach to NPS Pollution

Developing a Watershed-Based Plan
     Tiffany Eastman, US EPA
     Presentation (27 pp, 563K, About PDF)
     Handouts (6 pp, 32K, About PDF)

Developing a Watershed-Based Plan-Tools and Next Steps

Tribal Case Studies

Taking a Watershed Approach to NPS Pollution: Implementing a Watershed-Based Plan

Outreach and Education Tools

Tribal Case Study: Bringing it All Together
     Jeff Ogburn, Taos Pueblo
     Presentation (14 pp, 2.7MB, About PDF)

Hosted by US EPA and the Morongo Band of Mission Indians


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