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Economic Benefits

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Recycling generates significant economic benefits for communities. In fact, the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive estimates that recycling and remanufacturing industries account for approximately one million manufacturing jobs and more than $100 billion in revenue. Recycling employs low-, medium-, and highly-skilled workers in a variety of jobs—from materials handling and processing to high-quality product manufacturing. The drive for efficient handling and use of recycled materials spurs innovation, a key to long-term economic growth. Investments in recycling equipment and the companies themselves also filter through the economy and contribute to economic growth.

Equally important are the social and environmental benefits of recycling. Recycling promotes the sustainable use of our natural resources. Working together, recycling activities around the country promote community development while reducing the need for new landfills, preventing pollution, saving energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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