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Outreach Materials

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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The following outreach materials can be adapted to your community to increase participation in your recycling program.

California Department of Conservation

Posters & Stuff Exit EPA Disclaimer

Collection of clip art for recycling and waste prevention Exit EPA Disclaimer

Waste reduction and recycling posters and stickers Exit EPA Disclaimer

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Benefits of recycling Exit EPA Disclaimer

Web pages on benefits of recycling Exit EPA Disclaimer

Downloadable resources for recycling coordinators Exit EPA Disclaimer

Denver, Colorado

Denver Recycles’ recycling Web site for kids Exit EPA Disclaimer

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Local Government Recycling Exit EPA Disclaimer

Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA)

CVWMA Exit EPA Disclaimer produces a wide variety of publications to keep central Virginia residents informed of program guidelines and waste reduction hints.

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Earth 911 – Multimedia Library of Public Service Announcements

The Earth 911 Web site Exit EPA Disclaimer has a collection of public service announcements related to recycling, as well as other environmental topics. PSAs for radio, television, print and other media available free to all government agencies and non-profit organizations and can be customized with a logo and brief audio tag for local distribution.

Trade Association Resources

Curbside Value Partnership Exit EPA Disclaimer is sponsored by the Aluminum Association and Can Manufacturers Institute to help municipalities and material recovery facilities sustain and expand their curbside recycling programs. The Web site has a template section with downloadable materials.

American Chemistry Council Plastics Web site Exit EPA Disclaimer is sponsored by the American Plastics Council for communities who want to add this commodity to their recycling collection program. Tools for teachers can be downloaded through this Web site.

American Beverage Association Exit EPA Disclaimer has a series of quick recycling facts.

American Forest and Paper Products Association's Exit EPA Disclaimer Web site includes posters, videos, and recycling guides for schools, businesses and communities, as well as classroom resources.

Glass Packaging Institute Exit EPA Disclaimer includes a directory of broken glass (glass cullet) processors by state.

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