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Canyonlands National Park, UT

Photo of brewer on rooftop

Latitude: 38.458 °

Longitude: 109.822 °

Elevation: 814 meters above sea level

Brewer Serial#: 133

Site Start Date: 31-JUL-1997

Site End Date: N/A

The Brewer is located on a metal scaffold tower about 4.5 meters high and having a platform about 2 by 4 meters. The site is near the northern Park entrance and located on a ridge which allows the instrument a 360 degree view of the horizon. A small building is located about 20 meters SSW of the Brewer and houses the control computer. A 10-meter tower is mounted on the top of the building and is the only possible obstruction that may interfere with the Brewer's field of view. The surrounding countryside is very rocky with small scrub vegetation and short grass.

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