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Data Access

The Brewer spectrophotometer records spectral UV data throughout daylight hours. For a mid-latitude site during the summer, there typically may be 30 spectra recorded.

The raw data from the Brewers were transmitted to the University of Georgia (UGA), Physics and Astronomy Department, where they were archived and processed. UGA, under contract with EPA for the period 1998-2003, carried the principal responsibility for the UV network maintenance and data quality assurance. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, ARL, Surface Radiation Research Branch, provided independent quality control checks.

UGA, based on their laboratory characterizations and field calibrations of the Brewers, carried out a series of necessary corrections to the raw data. The corrections included adjustments for (1) temporal change in calibration, (2) temperature dependency, and (3) cosine response.

Level-1 Corrected Data are available from individual sites. The directory structures for the data from the Brewer sites may differ somewhat. User's should first consult the README file for definitions and formats. The subdirectories RV and SV contain, respectively, the individual spectra and the integrated spectra (both Diffey-weighted and unweighted). All UV measurements for one day are contained in a single file with naming convention indicating the day of year, year, and Brewer serial number. In addition, DW-files contain the daily integrated UV and Diffey-weighted UV, one file per year.

Level-1 Corrected Data runs from the beginning of data acquisition (site start-up) until the time of the last field calibration. Each site is unique in this respect.

The links below go to the FTP site which has corrected data for each of the Brewer sites.

Urban Sites

National Park (NP) Sites

Former Brewer Sites

During the period 1995-1998, Brewers #103 and #109 were operated at Boston MA and Missoula MT, respectively. No corrections of the data from these locations have been made, and, therefore, the data are unavailabe from this web site. Those spectrotophotometers were subsequently moved to Chicago and Albuquerque.

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