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Atlanta, GA

Photo of brewer on rooftop

Latitude: 33.65 °

Longitude: 84.43 °

Elevation: 315 meters above sea level

Brewer Serial#: 101 , 108

Site Start Date: 25-APR-1994

Site End Date: N/A

101 Start Date 25-APR-1994
101 End Date 11-AUG-1995

108 Start Date 27-SEP-1995
108 End Date N/A

The Brewer is located on the roof of the Center for Science and Technology at Clark Atlanta University, 266 Lee Street, SW, 5 km SW of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The Brewer is located on a metal platform about 1 x 3 meters. Attached to the platform is an anemometer and ozone instrument. The most significant obstruction is a brick smoke stack located about 200 meters to the south of the Brewer that rises to about 10 degrees from the horizon.

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