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Acadia National Park, ME

Photo of brewer on rooftop

Latitude: 44.374 °

Longitude: 68.262 °

Elevation: 122 meters above sea level

Brewer Serial#: 138

Site Start Date: 04-MAR-1998

Site End Date: N/A

The Brewer is located on Mount Desert Island and sits on top of a modular building about 3.5 meters off the ground. The building sits in a clearing which slopes downward from N to S. Terrain and a tree line obstruct the horizon about 15 degrees from the W, through the N, to NE. About 10 meters NE of the Brewer is a meteorological tower that may interfere with summertime direct sun measurements. To the E and attached directly to the building, another tower can also interfere with direct sun measurements in the morning. The view to the SE-SW is essentially unobstructed.

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