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Statistics Based on MSA Notice

Information provided for informational purposes onlyNote: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.
Statistics Based on MSA Notice of Core-Based Statistical Areas

                      Number          Pct. of 1990            Number
                     of Areas      U.S. Population         of Counties         

Megapolitan Areas         35               45.0                267
Macropolitan Areas       311               33.3                616
Micropolitan Areas       485               10.8                562   

CBSA totals              831               89.1              1,445

Outside CBSAs                              10.9              1,696

Population in cores:

Megapolitan areas:       95,876,292
Macropolitan areas:      56,579,276
Micropolitan areas:       9,110,530

CBSA populations:             

Megapolitan areas:       111.9 million
Macropolitan areas:       82.8 million
Micropolitan areas:       26.9 million
Outside CBSAs:            27.1 million

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