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Ozone Implementation

Instructions for getting 8-hr ozone summary data from AIRS Web

Information provided for informational purposes onlyNote: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

For 8-hr ozone do the following:

Go to AIRSWeb - Annual Summary Table Query

Look under Interim Database to see how current the data are.

Select a year

Select the geographic area of interest

Select Interval code= Z 8-hr

Select Criterial pollutant= Ozone

Query Columns - Select the following fields to get data for the 8-hour ozone summary data: (or select all columns)

Monitor Id
Except Data Flag
Interval Code
Monitor Type
Exceed Std Pri
Valid Days
Max1 Value
Max1 Collection Date
Max1 Collection Hour
Max2 Value
Max2 Collection Date
Max2  Collection Hour
Max3 Value
Max4 Value
Max5 Value
Pcnt Obs

Select your output format: If you want to save the file, check ascii download and view/refresh after each year you select.

Submit Query (It's near the middle of the page.)

Get 3 years of data. Save as different file names. (View/refresh after each year you select.)

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