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Technology Transfer Network / NAAQS
Ozone Implementation

Acronyms & Abbreviations

Information provided for informational purposes onlyNote: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

AASHTO – American Association Of State Highway Transportation Officials
ADCR – Air Docket Control Room (OAQPS)
ADD – Assistant Division Director
AEWin – AIRS Executive For Windows
AFGE – American Federation Of Government Employees
AID – Agency For International Development
AIEO – American Indian Environmental Office
A.I.R.E. – Air Information Resources For Education
AIRS – Aerometric Information Retrieval System
ALAPCO – Association Of Local Air Pollution Control Officials
ALP – Aspiring Leader Program / USDA
ANV – Alaskan Native Village
APCD – Air Pollution Control District
APDLN – Air Pollution Distance Learning Network
API – American Petroleum Institute
APM – Air Program Manager
APTA – American Public Transit Association
APTI – Air Pollution Training Institute / ITPID
AQMG – Air Quality Modeling Group / EMAD
AQS – Air Quality Subsystem
AQSSD – Air Quality Strategies And Standards Division
ART – AIRS Re-engineering Team
ATC – Area Training Center
ATF – Air Training Facility
ATIS – Air Toxics Implementation Strategy
AWMA/A&WMA – Air And Waste Management Association

BACM – Best Available Control Measure
BBS – Bulletin Board System
BPR – Business Process Re-engineering
BRITE – Burden Reduction / Information Technology Executive

CAA – Clean Air Act
CAAA – Clean Air Act Amendments
CAAAC – Clean Air Act Advisory Committee
CAD – Computer-aided (or -assisted) Design
CAM – Compliance Assurance Monitoring
CAR – Consolidated Air Rule
CARB – California Air Resources Board
Carpe diem – Seize the day; make the most of this day
CASAC – Clean Air Science Advisory Committee
CBEP – Community Based Environmental Protection
CCPG – Coatings And Consumer Products Group / ESD
CCRF – Commissioned Corps Readiness Force
CDC – Centers For Disease Control, US Dept. Of Health And Human Services
CD-ROM – Compact Disc-Read Only Memory
CE – Credible Evidence
CEIS – Center For Environmental Information And Statistics
CEPPO – Chemical Emergency Preparedness And Prevention Office
CFC – Chlorofluorocarbon
CFC – Combined Federal Campaign
CG – Combustion Group / ESD
CHIEF – Clearinghouse For Inventories And Emission Factors / EMAD
CMA – Chemical Manufacturers Association
CMD – Contracts Management Division / OARM
COA – Corresponding Onshore Area
COMPTEL – Computing And Telecommunications Work Group / OAQPS
CSI – Common Sense Initiative
CTE – Center For Transportation And The Environment
CTG – Control Techniques Guideline
CY – Calendar Year

DFO – Designated Federal Officer
DNC – Department Of The Navy Civilian
DOD – Department Of Defense
DOE – Department Of Energy
DOJ – Department Of Justice
DOT – Department Of Transportation
DQO– Data Quality Objectives

ECO – Environmental Careers Organization
ECOS – Environmental Council Of The States
EDSS – Environmental Decision Support System
EE – Environmental Education
EFIG – Emission Factor And Inventory Group / EMAD
EG – Emission Guideline
EIIP – Emission Inventory Improvement Program
EIS – Environmental Impact Statement
EJ – Environmental Justice
EM – Enhanced Monitoring
EMAD – Emissions, Monitoring, And Analysis Division
EMC – Emission Measurement Center / EMAD
EMMC – Environmental Monitoring Management Council
EMTIC – Emission Measurement Technical Information Center
EOG – Education And Outreach Group / ITPID
EPCRA – Emergency Planning And Community Right-to-know Act
ESD – Emission Standards Division
ETSD – Enterprise Technology Services Division / OIRM
ETV – Environmental Technology Verification

FACA – Federal Advisory Committee Act
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
FBI – Federal Bureau Of Investigation
FEI – Federal Executive Institute
FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
FERC – Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FHWA – Federal Highway Administration
FIFRA – Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, And Rodenticide Act
FIP – Federal Implementation Plan
FIPS – Federal Information Processing System
FMFIA – Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act
FMRB – Field Medical Readiness Badge
FOIA – Freedom Of Information Act
FR – Federal Register
FRAN – Federal Register Attainment Notice
FRC – Federal Records Center
FRED – Findings And Required Element Data
FRM – Federal Reference Method
FTA – Federal Transit Administration
FTE – Full-time Employee
FTIR – Fourier Transform Infrared
FTP – File Transfer Protocol
FY – Fiscal Year

GAI – Government Affairs Institute / Georgetown University
GIS – Geographical Information System
GL – Group Leader
GPRA – Government Performance And Results Act
GPS – Global Positioning System
GSA – General Services Administration

HAP – Hazardous Air Pollutant
HAZOPS – Hazardous Operations
HCFC – Hydrochlorofluorocarbon
HESG – Health Effects And Standards Group / AQSSD
HFC – Hydrofluorocarbon
HMIWI – Hospital / Medical / Infectious Waste Incinerator
HON – Hazardous Organic NESHAPS
HRMD – Human Resources Management Division / OARM

ICCR – Industrial Combustion Coordinated Rulemaking
IG – Inspector General
IIP – Interim Implementation Policy
IPA – Intergovernmental Personnel Act
IPSG – Integrated Policy And Strategies Group / AQSSD
IRS – Internal Revenue Service
IRTS – Issue Resolution Tracking System
ISEG – Innovative Strategies And Economics Group / AQSSD
ISTEA – Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
ITG – Information Transfer Group / ITPID
ITPID – Information Transfer and Program Integration Division
ITRE – Institute For Transportation Research And Education
IWG – Internet Working Group

LADCo – Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium
LAN – Local Area Network
LOE – Level Of Effort
LRTAP – Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution

MACT – Maximum Achievable Control Technology
MICG – Minerals And Inorganic Chemicals Group / ESD
MMS – Mineral Management Service / DOI
MOA – Memorandum Of Agreement
MOU – Memorandum Of Understanding
MQAG – Monitoring And Quality Assurance Group / EMAD
MSO – Multi-state Organization
MSW – Municipal Solid Waste
MSWLF – Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
MWC – Municipal Waste Combustor
MWI – Medical Waste Incineration / Incinerator

NAAQS – National Ambient Air Quality Standard
NAFTP – National Alternative Fuels Training Program
NAPAP – National Acidic Precipitation Assessment Program
NAPCA – National Air Pollution Control Administration
NARA – National Archives And Records Administration
NASA – National Aeronautics And Space Administration
NCA&T – North Carolina Agricultural And Technical University
NCDEHNR – NC Department Of Environment, Health, And Natural Resources
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp(old name)
NCDENR – NC Department Of The Environment And Natural Resources
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp(name as of 9/97)
NCSU – North Carolina State University
NCWRC – North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
NEJAC – National Environmental Justice Advisory Committee
NELAC – National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation
NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act
NESCAUM – Northeast States For Coordinated Air Use Management
NESHAP – National Emission Standard For Hazardous Air Pollutants
NGV – Non-gasoline Vehicle
NIEHS – National Institute Of Environmental Health Sciences / NIH
NIH – National Institutes Of Health
NIST – National Institute Of Standards And Technology
NOAA – National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration
NOPR – Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking
NOx – Oxides Of Nitrogen
NPR – National Performance Review
NPR – Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking
NPS – National Park Service
NRDC – Natural Resources Defense Council
NRMP – National Records Management Program
NSCR – Nonselective Catalytic Reduction
NSF – National Science Foundation
NSPS – New Source Performance Standard
NSR – New Source Review
NTI - National Toxics Inventory

OAQPS – Office Of Air Quality Planning And Standards
OAR – Office Of Air And Radiation
OARM – Office Of Administration And Resources Management
OCG – Organic Chemicals Group / ESD
OECA – Office Of Enforcement And Compliance Assurance
OGC – Office Of General Counsel
OIA – Office Of International Activities
OIRM – Office Of Information Resources Management
OMB – Office Of Management And Budget
OMP – Ozone Mapping Project
OPAR – Office Of Policy Analysis And Review
OPEC – Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPM – Office Of Personnel Management
OPPE – Office Of Policy, Planning, And Evaluation
OPRM – Office Of Policy And Resource Management / OARM
OPSG – Ozone Policy And Strategies Group / AQSSD
ORD – Office Of Research And Development
OSHA – Occupational Safety And Health Act or Administration
OSWER – Office Of Solid Waste And Emergency Response
OTAG – Ozone Transport Assessment Group
OTC – Ozone Transport Commission

P2 – Pollution Prevention
P4 – Pollution Prevention Permitting Project
PACS – Policy Analysis And Communications Staff / OAQPS
PAMS – Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Station
PAYT – Pay As You Throw
P & G – Policy And Guidance
PBMS – Performance Based Measurements Systems
PC&B – Personnel Compensation And Benefits
PC-BIOS – Personal Computer Basic Input / Output System
PERFORMS – Performance Planning, Employee Rating, Feedback Opportunity,
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp and Recognition Management System
PIRG – Public Interest Research Group
PM – Particulate Matter
POM – Polycyclic Organic Matter
POP – Persistent Organic Pollutant
POTW – Publicly Owned Treatment Work
POV – Privately-Owned Vehicle
PPA – Performance Partnership Agreement
PPG – Performance Partnership Grant
PPSG – Policy, Planning, And Standards Group / ESD
PPT – Permanent-Part Time (Employee)
PIRG – Program Implementation And Review Group / ITPID (formerly PRG)
PRRMS – Planning, Resources, And Regional Management Staff / OAQPS
PSD – Prevention Of Significant Deterioration
PSI – Pollutant Standard Index

QIP – Quality Improvement Plan

RAMP – Regional Air Management Partnership
RCRA – Resource Conservation And Recovery Act
REAG – Risk And Exposure Assessment Group / AQSSD
RIA – Regulatory Impact Analysis
RIF – Reduction In Force
RM – Records Management
RMP – Risk Management Program
RPN – Regulatory Policy Notebook
RTG– Random Team Generator
RTI – Research Triangle Institute
RTP – Research Triangle Park

SAB – Science Advisory Board
SAT – Supervisor Assessment Team
SCG – Source Characterization Group / EMAD
SDWT – Self -directed Work Team
SEP – Special Emphasis Program
SIC – Standard Industrial Classification
SGMP –(North Carolina) Society Of Government Meeting Planners
SIP – State Implementation Plan
SM – Senior Manager / Management
SOCMI – Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry
SOCOM – Special Operations Command / US Air Force
SOW – Statement Of Work
STAPPA– State And Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators
Sysop – System Operator

TAR – Tribal Authority Rule
TCDD –2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin
TCDF –2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzofurans
TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TDI – Toluene Diisocyanate
TDY – Tour Of Duty
TIP – Tribal Implementation Plan
TQM – Total Quality Management
TRI – Toxic Release Inventory
TRIM – Total Risk Integrated Methodology
TSCA – Toxic Substances Control Act
TSP - Thrift Saving Plan
TSP – Total Suspended Particulate
TTN – Technology Transfer Network
TVA – Tennessee Valley Authority

UAMV – Urban Airshed Model V
UATS - Urban Air Toxics Strategy
UATW - Unified Air Toxics Web Site
UMRA – Unfunded Mandates Reform Act
UNC – University Of North Carolina
URL – Universal Resource Locator
USDA – US Department Of Agriculture
USPS – US Postal Service

VA – US Department Of Veterans Affairs
VAPUCCI – Vatavuk Air Pollution Control Cost Index
VATD – Virtual Air Toxics Division
VEPG – Visibility And Ecosystem Protection Group / AQSSD
VOC – Volatile Organic Compound

WCF – Working Capital Fund
WEL – Women’s Executive Leadership Program
WHO – World Health Organization / United Nations
WOPS – OAQPS Washington Operations Office
WWW – World Wide Web

XL – Excellence And Leadership

Y2K – The Year 2000 Computer Problem

ZBB – Zero Based Budgeting

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