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What's in the Database

The TEACH Database is a searchable database of summaries of research articles pertaining to studies of children's exposure and health effects following developmental exposure to the TEACH chemicals of concern. Child-specific and experimental animal developmental toxicity research articles from 1972 through December 2008 are included in the database.

The TEACH Database presents information on key attributes of each reviewed article. These attributes include:

  1. Information source (e.g. reference citation)
  2. Exposure information (pollutant source, environmental "pathway" medium, subject's route of exposure)
  3. Species evaluated
  4. Age when exposed and if applicable, age when assessed/evaluated/tested for effects
  5. Study description and health effects/endpoints
  6. Exposure information and comments/notes

The TEACH Database query page allows you to search for information by chemical, year, author, and/or keyword. More details about the studies can be found in the full published articles or in the abstracts listed at the National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine's PubMed. Use PubMed to search for the specific research article by author and year and retrieve the entire abstract from the paper.

The TEACH Chemical Summaries each provide an overview of information about concerns to children's health for each specific chemical of concern. The TEACH Chemical Summaries include an introduction, exposure information, toxicity summary, overview of exposure and toxicity studies from the TEACH Database, considerations for decision-makers, toxicity reference values, regulatory issues, and background information for each chemical.

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