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State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Bertram, P., C. Forst, and P. Horvatin. 2005. Developing indicators of ecosystem health (PDF) (15pp., 646 KB). In T. Edsall and M. Munawar (eds.), State of Lake Michigan: Ecology, Health and Management. Backhuys Publishers, The Netherlands, pp. 505-519.

Bertram, P., N. Stadler-Salt, P. Horvatin, and H. Shear. 2003. Bi-national assessment of the Great Lakes - SOLEC partnerships (PDF) (6pp., 814 KB). Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 81(1-3): 27-33. (80kb)

Bertram, P., H. Shear, N. Stadler-Salt, and P. Horvatin. 1999. Environmental and socioeconomic indicators of Great Lakes basin health (PDF) (20pp., 301 KB).  In D. Rapport, W. Lasley, D. Rolston, N. Nielsen, C. Qualset, A. Damania (eds.), Managing for Healthy Ecosystems. Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton, pp. 703-720. (295kb)

Fisher, W., L. Jackson, G. Suter, and P. Bertram. 2001. Indicators for human and ecological risk assessment: A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency perspective (PDF) (24pp., 116 KB).  Human and Ecological Risk Assessment 7(5): 961-970 (114kb)

Shear, H., P. Bertram, C. Forst, and P. Horvatin. 2005. Development and application of ecosystem health indicators in the North American Great Lakes basin (PDF) (24pp., 276 KB).  In S. E. Jorgensen, R. Costanza, F.-L. Xu (eds.), A Handbook of Ecological Indicators for Assessment of Ecosystem Health. pp. 105-126. (270kb)

Shear, H., N. Stadler-Salt, P. Bertram, and P. Horvatin. 2003. The development and implementation of indicators of ecosystem health in the Great Lakes basin (PDF) (30pp., 407 KB).  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 88: 119-152. (398kb)

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