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SOLEC 2004
Other Products



Conference Program (1.1mb)

Brochure Agenda English & French (330kb)

Executive Order Fact Sheet (25kb)

Great Lakes Legacy Act Fact Sheet (232kb)

Peer Review Report (430kb)

Success Stories Winners (14kb)

Changes and Progress Paper (2.4mb)

Changes and Progress Paper Appendix (664kb)

Press Releases

Background  Success Story Press Release Junction Creek Stewardship Committee (22kb)

Background Success Story Press Release Lake Huron Center for Coastal Conservation (22kb)

Great Lakes Radio Consortium Article (123kb)

Great Lakes Radio Consortium Radio Release (10kb)

SOLEC 2004 Background Issues for Media (24kb)

SOLEC 2004 Media Advisory (29kb)

SOLEC 2004 News Release (29kb)

US Newswire Press Release (24kb)

Winnipeg Press Release (15kb)

Breakout Sessions

Biotic Communities Work Sheets (34kb)

Climate Change Workshop Participants (20kb)

Contaminants Work Sheets (36kb)

Forestry Paper (312kb)

Groundwater Work Sheets (15kb)

Habitat Work Sheets (36kb)

Habitat Discussion (36kb)

Human Health Work Sheets (13kb)

Indicator Review Report (359kb)

Intro to Indicators (27kb)

Lake Erie Workshop (35kb)

Lake Erie Workshop Worksheets (58kb)

Lake Michigan Discussion (40kb)

Land Use Work Sheets (42kb)

Monitoring and Indices Workshop Records (37kb)

Resource Utilization Breakout Final (22kb)

Summary Report Index Workshop (26kb)

Urbanization Indicator Descriptions (125kb)

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