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SMM Web Academy - Green Purchasing: Tools for Federal, State, and Local Governments

July 19, 2012 - 1:00-2:30pm (EST)

Join us to learn about tools to help develop and implement an effective green purchasing policy in your office. During this webinar you will hear about:

Speaker Bios

Alicia Culver, Director of the Responsible Purchasing Network
Alicia’s experience working on sustainability issues spans more than two decades. She has provided technical support to procurement agents and environmental program staff in many states and municipalities. She has helped develop model green purchasing policies and specifications for a wide-range of environmentally preferable goods and services such as low-mercury/energy-efficient fluorescent lamps, asthma-safe cleaning products, and compostable food service ware. Alicia formerly worked as the Deputy Director of the New Jersey Office of Sustainability and founded the Green Purchasing Institute. The Green Purchasing Institute’s Buying Smart report details how states and municipalities across the U.S. have found that their environmentally preferable purchasing initiatives often yield economic as well as environmental rewards.

Purchasing for Climate Protection: Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN) (PDF, 32 pp, 2.32 MB)

Jeff Eagan, Sustainable Acquisition and Electronics Stewardship Coordinator for the US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Sustainability Support.
Jeff is currently helping launch the GreenBuy Awards Program to recognize exemplary performance in green purchasing by DOE facilities. In 2009-10, Jeff was Senior Program Manager for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, assisting the Federal Environmental Executive in ‘greening the government’, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while saving energy and money. Jeff Eagan has received the Fed 100 Award for government-wide leadership.

GreenBuy:The DOE Sustainable Acquisition Recognition Program (PDF, 16 pp, 396.11 k)

Shabnam (Shab) Fardanesh, Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Sustainable Acquisition Coordinator at the Department of Energy's Office of Sustainability Support.
Shab is a nationally recognized subject matter expert in environmental sustainability, fleet management, and alternative fuel technologies. Prior to her current position, Shab served in the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, overseeing biomass program development, and earlier managing compliance and providing guidance for all Federal fleets.

GreenBuy:The DOE Sustainable Acquisition Recognition Program (PDF, 16 pp, 396.11 k)

Karen Hamilton, Manages the Environmental Purchasing Program for King County, Washington.
Under Karen's leadership, King County agencies have pioneered and institutionalized the purchase of many environmentally preferable products and saved money in the process. Her program has won numerous awards and has been presented as a model for other jurisdictions in various publications and at national and international conferences.

Green Purchasing: Tools for Federal, State and Local Governments (PDF, 20 pp, 1.78 MB)

To learn more about environmentally preferable purchasing for federal agencies, consider also attending the EPA’s Federal Green Challenge Webinar on July 28th, 2012 by visiting the Federal Green Challenge website.


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