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Pflueger Clean Water Act Settlement

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The EPA has reached a settlement of over $7.5 million with James Pflueger over Clean Water Act violations associated with construction activities on Pflueger's property in Hawaii.

This is the largest storm water settlement in the United States for violations at a single site by a single landowner.

Pflueger agreed to pay $2 million in penalties, plus spend approximately $5.3 million in environmental improvement projects, which will include restoring streams in the areas damaged by the construction activity. Pflueger will also spend $200,000 to replace residential cesspools with improved wastewater systems in a nearby coastal community.

Settlement Documents

Signed Consent Decree (PDF 59 pages 190 k) (scanned)

Fact Sheet (PDF | Web page)

  1. Appendix A: County Dismissal (PDF, 3 pages, 48 k)
  2. Appendix B: Construction Plans for Pila'a Remediation Plans Package 1
  3. Appendix C: Construction Plans for Kaloko Reservoir
  4. Appendix D: Construction Plans for Pila'a Remediation Plans - Eastern Plateau
  5. Appendix E: Construction Plans for Pila'a 400 Remediation Plans - Package 2
  6. Appendix F: Operation and Maintenance Plan (PDF, 29 pages, 74 K)
  7. Appendix G: SEP (PDF, 5 pages, 24 K)
  8. Appendix H: Milestone's (PDF, 1 pages, 15 K)

Contact Information

Jeremy Johnstone johnstone.jeremy@epa.gov
(415) 972-3499

Scanned documents - accessibility note: Many of these documents are scanned for Web publishing, and are not accessible to users who require screen readers. If you need assistance to access the content of the scanned material, please contact Jeremy Johnstone at (415) 972-3499 or johnstone.jeremy@epa.gov.

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