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Contact EPA Pacific Southwest Water Division

Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Watershed Priorities

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EPA encourages agencies, tribes, local governments, landowners and others to work together to protect and restore water quality at a watershed scale. There are hundreds of local watershed partnerships and several large ecosystem initiatives in Region 9.  In several cases, EPA Region 9 works closely with these partnerships to integrate our programs, such as NPDES permits, TMDL development, wetlands planning and regulation, and nonpoint source control. In others we provide direct or indirect support through grant programs and other activities.  A Region 9 watershed priority is to enhance and accelerate efforts to restore impaired water quality through the implementation of TMDLs and watershed plans.  We are stressing the importance of TMDLs and watershed plans because they provide the necessary information or road map to guide more effective implementation.  Furthermore, we are striving to support efforts within specific watersheds (see “Measure W” Watersheds) to restore water quality through a watershed approach.

Watershed Priorities Maps

Arizona California Hawaii Nevada
AZ Priority Watersheds CA Priority Watersheds HI Priority Watersheds NV Priority Watersheds
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Programs & Resources


  • Jared Vollmer – Arizona
    (415) 972-3447
  • Hudson Slay – Hawaii
    (808) 541-2717
  • Stephanie Wilson – Nevada (wilson.stephaine@epa.gov)
    (775) 885-6190
  • Susan Keydel – California
    (415) 972-3106
  • Tina Yin – Regional Coordinator
    (415) 972-3579
  • Sam Ziegler - Region 9
    (415) 972-3399


Wastewater Treatment Pond Manual

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