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Region 2

Serving New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Eight Tribal Nations.


Below you will find podcasts on various environmental topics. Simply click on the links to listen.
To subscribe to our podcast, please enter the following url in iTunes> Advanced> Subscribe to Podcast: http://archive.epa.gov/region02/mediacenter/web/xml/podcasts.xml

You will need a media player to listen to the audio files. If you do not have one, you can download a free player here. Also, you will need the free Adobe Reader to view the transcript files. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Asthma Awareness Podcast [7:59 min / 7.8 MB]

Over 20 million Americans have asthma.  This podcast provides information about how to avoid asthma episode triggers and the resources available to help you and your family keep asthma symptoms under control.
Transcript [5 pp, 22 KB]
Asthma, Exit EPA disclaimerThe Pediatric/Adult Coalition of New Jersey , NYC Asthma Partnership

Previniendo Ataques de Asma (Preventing Asthma Attacks) [4:04 min / 3.8 MB]

Más de 20 millones de estadounidenses tienen asma. Este podcast incluye información sobre cómo evitar los desencadenantes del asma y recursos disponibles para ayudar a usted y su familia mantener los síntomas del asma bajo control.
El medio ambiente y su salud: asma, Factores ambientales causantes de asma

Podcast: Archaeology at Superfund sites [10:31 min / 9 MB]

EPA archaeology and historic preservation national expert John Vetter talks about his work at Superfund sites, including the Hudson River, the Gowanus Canal and the Roebling Steel Co. sites.

eCycling Podcast [11:22 min /8 MB]

Learn how to be an eco-friendly consumer and recycler during this informative podcast as Public Affairs Specialists Sophia Kelley and Elizabeth Myer discuss staggering facts about electronic waste in the United States, as well as the importance of eCycling and where you may do so in Region 2.
Transcript [6 pp, 38 KB]
Electronics Recycling (eCycling)

Help! Technical Assistance for Communities near Superfund and Hazardous Waste Cleanups [13:40 min / 12.8 MB]

This podcast is a discussion with Wanda Ayala and David Kluesner, two of U.S. EPA Region 2’s Community Involvement Coordinators, about the basic resources available to communities looking to make sense of all the technical information that goes along with living near a Superfund or Hazardous Waste Cleanup site.  Learn about TAGs, TASC, and which program might be right for your community.
Transcript [7 pp, 33 KB]
EPA’s Community Resources , Superfund Community Involvement

History of Love Canal and the Superfund Program [12:32 min / 8.6 MB]

Learn about Love Canal, EPA’s first major cleanup and remediation, leading to the creation of the Superfund Program.
Transcript [4 pp, 21 KB]
Love Canal, Superfund

El mercurio: la amenaza ambiental oculta (Mercury: The Hidden Environmental Threat) [7:55 min / 7.8 MB]

Este podcast explica donde el mercurio se encuentra, por qué es peligroso, y cómo evitarlo.
Preguntas frecuentes sobre mercurio, Recursos de información sobre mercurio en español

Green Cleanups Podcast [10:00 min / 9.8 MB]

EPA Region 2’s “Clean and Green” Policy requires that, when possible, EPA construction sites will use “green” technologies to reduce the carbon footprint associated with each construction site.  This podcast details the commitments US EPA Region 2 has made in pursuing net-zero emissions.
Transcript [4 pp, 20 KB]
Green Construction, Environmental Preferable Purchasing

Interview with PEYA Winner Sujay Tyle [5:02 min / 4.6 MB]

Listen to Sujay Tyle, EPA Region 2’s PEYA Winner in 2008 describe his award-winning research.
Transcript [2 pp, 13 KB]
President’s Environmental Youth Awards

National Children's Long Term Health Study [7:54 min / 7.4 MB]

This podcast describes The National Children’s Study, which  examines the effects of environmental influences on the health and development of 100,000 children across the United States.
Transcript [3 pp, 17 KB]
National Children’s Study, Children’s Health Protection

Make Healthy Choices When Purchasing and Consuming Fish [4:30 min / 4.3 MB]

Eating fish can have many benefits, but eating too much of the fish known to contain harmful contaminants can have negative consequences.  Listen to some of the findings of New York City’s 2004 Health and Nutrition Survey and get tips on how to select the best fish to maximize your family’s health benefits.
Transcript [2 pp, 13 KB]
Eat Fish, Choose Wisely Brochure [2 pp, 384 KB], New York City Department of Health

Hazardous Waste Cleanup in New Jersey [9:32 min / 8.9 MB]

Not all hazardous waste cleanups happen at industrial sites.  This podcast tells the story of EPA’s successful cleanup of hazardous waste in a residential area of New Jersey.
Transcript [3 pp, 18 KB]
Hazardous Waste, Report Spills and Environmental Violations, EPA Completes Cleanup of Chemical Cornucopia in North Brunswick, N.J. Residence

An Insider's View of the Superfund Cleanup Process [9:47 min / 9.1 MB]

Listen to a Remedial Project Manager describe the process of cleaning up a Superfund site from start to finish.
Transcript [4 pp, 20 KB]
Federal Creosote Fact Sheet [3 pp, 7 KB], Superfund

Environmental Tips [2:36 min / 2.3 MB]

EPA plays an important role in protecting our environment, but so do you.  This podcast contains tips about how you can help the environment by reducing energy and water consumption.
Transcript [2 pp, 15 KB]
Water Sense Tips

Consejos Ambientales En Español [4:25 min/ 4.1 MB]

EPA juega un papel importante en la proteccion de nuestro medio ambiente, pero tambien lo que usted hace es importante. Este podcast contiene consejos sobre cómo usted puede ayudar al medio ambiente mediante la reducción de consumo de energía y agua.
El medio ambiente y su salud: la conservación del agua, ENERGY STAR

Back-to-School Waste Reduction [27:15 min / 25 MB]

Whether you’re going off to kindergarten, or going off to college, this podcast has tips on how to reduce your waste when heading off to school.
Transcript [9 pp, 35 KB]
Reuse+Recycling=Waste Reduction: A Guide for Schools and Groups [32 pp, 1 MB], Exit EPA disclaimer wastefreelunches.org

Summer Energy Savings [19:37 min / 16.1 MB]

Summer scorchers can drive energy and water consumption sky high.  This podcast has helpful tips on how to decrease your energy and water consumption all year round, especially during summer months.
Transcript [6 pp, 28 KB]
Energy Star

Water Conservation [3:58 min / 3.7 MB]

Although fresh water often seems like an endless resource this podcast explains why that isn’t true, informing listeners about the importance of water conservation, and how EPA’s WaterSense Program helps people learn to conserve.
Transcript [2 pp, 12 KB]

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