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Public Comments -- City of Wilmington, DE

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

stakeholder contact points egraham@dca.net on 01/02/2000 12:20:29 AM

To: stakeholders@epa.gov
Subject: Comments on Pub. Part.Policy

If you can manage to do what the 1981 policy requires you won't need to change a thing. It's clear that the shortness of time to receive these comments indicates that EPA, in 19 years, hasn't managed to meet its own policy challenges.

Don't waste time looking for new techniques; implement the 1981 policy across all programs; put funding prominently in place; use the 1981 policy directive guidance to promulgate the availability of the assistance.

In brief, "do what you said you would do in the 1981 policy."

Emery Graham
Brownfields Coordinator
City of Wilmington, Delaware

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