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Collaboration and Partnerships

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Strategic Partnership Agreements
EPA Region 3 - Philadelphia - Hazardous Sites Clean Up Division

Description of activity:   Region 3 has signed Strategic Partnership Agreements (SPAs) with all States in our Region to underscore the intent of Hazardous Sites Clean Up Division (HSCD) and the Waste Divisions each Region 3 State to work collaboratively to solve environmental issues both organizations feel are most important to their missions.

The SPAs promote cooperation and provide notification, joint program planning and effective resource use in the Remedial, Removal, Site Assessment, Brownfields, Enforcement and Federal Facility programs.  The primary purpose of the SPA is to jointly work on priority areas of opportunity and program interface for the next two fiscal years.

The SPAs focus first on areas of known connection or possible collaboration including homeland security initiatives, hazardous waste sites in each state, evaluation of the benefits of a the One Cleanup Program MOA and a discussion about state oversight of competitive grants in the states, federal facility and non-NPL Sites Program cooperative agreements, and enforcement.

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