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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Public Involvement Resources and Training (PIRT) Database Goes Live

Did you know there is one place where you can find hundreds of trainings, conferences and other resources to help you do your public involvement and collaboration job better?  EPA’s Public Involvement Resources and Training (PIRT) Database (https://www.epa.gov/publicinvolvement/pirtdatabase) , a system that practitioners asked for in an earlier survey, is now available on-line.

What can PIRT do for you?

Find resources to help you design, carry out and evaluate public involvement activities and programs

  1. Find surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of your activities
  2. List information on best practices, case studies, tools kits and more  
  3. Find course and conference listings to help you develop or enhance your public involvement skills   

Check out these examples of how PIRT can help you:

How can you help make PIRT more useful?

PIRT is an active database in that invites users to share their learning with others. Do you attend a regularly scheduled conference that addresses unique approaches to public involvement? Have you taken training that was essential to your professional development?   Is there a book, manual, web site or article that you found particularly helpful?

If it’s not in PIRT and you think it should be, please use the electronic forms in the database to suggest a public involvement resource, course or conference.  It’s fast and easy, and you could be helping someone else find exactly what fits his or her needs.

To be a success, PIRT needs to work for you, and it won’t be just right for you if you don’t tell us how to improve it to meet your needs.   If you have a problem with the way PIRT works, how it’s organized or its features, please use the comment form to state the problem or propose a solution. 

PIRT’s Future

PIRT is now a good tool for practitioners, managers, partners and others who participate in public involvement decision-making processes. With your help, it will grow and become an excellent source that can aid others who practice across the whole spectrum of public involvement – from providing information through consultation and collaboration to agreement processes. For additional information, e-mail Pat Bonner (bonner.patricia@epa.gov) or call her at 202-566-2204.   

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