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Collaboration and Partnerships

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Ohio River Valley Conference on Sustainable Development
EPA Region 4 - Atlanta

Geographic location or area of activity:  Area of activity was centered around Louisville, Kentucky (on both the Indiana and Kentucky sides of the Ohio River)

Description of activity:  Using a watershed based approach, Regions 4 and 5 identified an area along the Ohio River Valley that was an appropriate candidate for sustainable redevelopment of contaminated property.  The approach utilized by EPA Regions 4 and 5 in this Ohio River Valley revitalization project is repeatable and may serve as a model for other areas, including rural environments, demonstrating comparable needs. 
During 2007, EPA Regions 4 and 5 worked closely with numerous partners to develop a revitalization initiative focused along the Ohio River Valley.  This collaboration involved extensive planning meetings leading to a “charette” held in early October 2007, that was attended by more than 200 registrants.  The process of developing the charette allowed for the examination of three different types of properties (urban, rural and small town).  The presentation of possible options for reuse/redevelopment to leaders within local governments on specific contaminated property, proved vital to the initiative. In addition, EPA worked closely with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry to consider the impacts of revitalization on public health.  The collaborative efforts of EPA and ATSDR resulted in the development of a community handbook addressing the public health issues associated with revitalization.  The framework established by the partners will result in enhanced inter-agency coordination, problem-solving and innovative practices.

Interagency partners:  EPA Regional Offices in Atlanta and Chicago: Region 4’s Resources Conservations and Recovery Act (RCRA) Division, Superfund Division, Water Management Division, Office of Environmental Accountability, and Office of Policy and Management; Region 5’s Office of Brownfields; EPA’s Environmental Finance Center at the University of Louisville; Indiana Department of Environmental Management; Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection, and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Local partners:  The cities of Louisville, Kentucky; Jeffersonville and New Albany, Indiana; Ball State University; University of Louisville; University of Kentucky

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