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Public Comments -- Norman A. Mulvenon

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

stakeholder contact points mulvenon@juno.com on 01/09/2000 06:59:44 PM

To: stakeholders@epa.gov
Subject: Review of EPA Public Participation Policies

Attention: Deborah Dalton

I just found out that EPA has a request out for comment on Public Participation Policy. I do not read the Federal Register and personally find that this method of notifying the public is outdated. I have read the 1981 policy, but I have not studied it in any detail due to the fact I only discovered this request for comment. Press releases and other methods of public service announcements should be used to advertise for this type of comment.

I would suggest to EPA that if they are looking for public involvement that they follow the 1981 policy more strictly. As far as I am concerned, Region 4 does not make much attempt to involve the public. Perhaps the Regional Administrators should be prompted by the Administrator to follow the rules as clearly defined and explained in the Final EPA Policy on Public Participation (1981).

Norman A. Mulvenon

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