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Public Comments -- MooreFORCE, Inc.

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

stakeholder contact points Diane Barrett
USEPA Region 4
Atlanta Federal Center
61 Forsyth Street
Atlanta, GA 30303-8960

December 30, 1999

Dear Diane Barrett:

Thank you for including us in the review of the EPA's Public Participation Policies. After our review of the document we have the following comments.

  1. We find the basic document to be sound and workable.
  2. There is an uneven application of the guidelines in the document by EPA personnel at both a regional and national level.
  3. If the guidelines were strictly followed, the public participation process would run smoothly. In many cases the public simply does not want to know about the details of EPA's work.
  4. More training regarding the implementation of this policy is needed at the site administrator level.

We realize what a difficult job it is to involve the public in this complicated procedure but when a concerned public is involved, there should be no roadblocks to a free flow of information. In the past, MooreFORCE has had to file at least three Freedom of Information requests with Region 4 in order to receive data. This would appear to show a breakdown in the process outlined in the Policies. Again, we believe that the Policies are sound and that more attention needs to be placed on their implementation.

Thank you for letting us comment on this document.


Harry J. Huberth
TAG Chairman
MooreFORCE, Inc.

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