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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Mentoring At EPA:  Is It For You?

The Public Involvement Improvement Council (PIIC) seeks to bring new and exciting information to our members by introducing new programs or systems already in place to assist us in further developing and practicing our craft.   Mentoring is one such program.  Mentoring can assist public involvement efforts by building capacity between seasoned practitioners, introducing new employees to Public Involvement, and assisting individuals seeking knowledge and information about the program.
Mentoring can:

EPA has developed the Hi-Impact Mentoring Process (HiMP), the centerpiece of EPA's mentoring program.  It provides the framework for setting up and managing a mentoring program. Mentoring is a resource for leaders and the HiMP is the tool available to share the knowledge residing in the workforce. Establishing and running a mentoring program and employee participation in a program is voluntary. Headquarters program and regional offices, however, are encouraged to use the HiMP for building both technical and core competencies within their organizations. Go to EPA’s Mentoring Program website (http://intranet.epa.gov/hrtraining/wds/mentoring.htm) for more information. 
If you think that coordinating a public involvement/collaborative problem solving mentoring effort would be a useful service for the PI staff to perform, or would like to be a mentor or mentee in such an effort, let us know.   Send an e-mail to Pat Bonner.

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