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Collaboration and Partnerships

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

EPA and State Environmental Commissioners and Oil and Gas
Directors: Improving Communications and Consultation
EPA Office of the Administrator, Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations

Geographic location or area of activity:  Nationwide in 36 states that are members of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) and seven EPA Regional Offices.

Description of activity:   The US Environmental Protection Agency and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide for long-term improvement in communication and create a permanent means of consultation as new natural gas and oil exploration and production issues emerge.  Created to implement the objectives of the MOU, a Task Force of senior EPA officials, state directors and IOCC staff, meet quarterly and works to identify mutually beneficial joint activities including training, field visits and technical symposiums.   Between meetings, informational briefings on technical studies, proposed and final rule makings, policies, and guidance are conducted by conference call.  Task Force discussions have included storm water controls for oil and gas facilities, hydraulic fracturing as a possible pollutant to ground water, regulations for the prevention and control of oil spills, national air quality standards, the definition of navigable waters under the Clean Water Act, and carbon capture and sequestration.

Early in its work, the Task Force recognized that improved communications among and within the States between different state agencies would further enhance collaboration and consultation on energy issues and the challenges of climate change.  Members recommended that IOGCC consider developing a closer working relationship with state environmental commissioners through the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS.)   IOGCC and ECOS created the ECOS-IOGCC Forum at the 2007 ECOS Spring Meeting to provide dialogue between state environmental commissioners and oil and gas state program directors. The Forum is currently chaired by ECOS members John Corra of Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality and Steve Thompson of Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality along with IOGCC member Bill Sydow of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Activity URL: http://www.ecos.org/section/ecos_iogcc_forum

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