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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Collaboration Train-the-Trainer Window of Opportunity Closing

The next "Working Together: An Introduction to Collaborative Decision Making"  Train-the-Trainer event will occur for 2.5 days, October 28-30 in Ariel Rios South at Federal Triangle in Washington, DC.   

This workshop is designed to help potential trainers convey to collaboration practitioners some key skills and practices to promote and improve collaboration among a wide variety of stakeholders in environmental protection.  Specifically, the workshop addresses:

  1. Understanding collaborative behaviors and how to increase your ability to model them
  2. Knowing the range of stakeholder processes available to you and what goals they can help you meet
  3. Using Situation Assessment to determine which projects are ready for collaborative processes and are likely to succeed
  4. Understanding how you can support, engage, and encourage staff to enhance collaboration competencies
  5. Learning to lead successful internal and external collaboration

The application form as well as a flyer outlining the content of Working Together are available.  Completed forms are due back to Pat Bonner by  the day after Labor Day, September 2.    This Certification Workshop is approved as official EPA training, so for Agency employees the only travel costs are actual fares; all else can be charged to training.

Recently, EPA opened this certification class to highly qualified representative of state, tribal and other federal agencies working with EPA in strategic partnerships.  If you are a representative of a partner agency and wish to apply, receive the flyer or see the materials, please contact Pat by e-mail and she will immediately send you the appropriate files.

A nine-member panel will review all applications and select no more than thirty individuals for certification.  By mid-September, all who apply will know if they have [or have not] been selected.   With the invitation to attend will be an agenda for the 2.5 days.  

The first day participants will take the course; the rest of the time will be spent doing practices and discussing how each of the new trainers plans to use or modify the five modules so they will work well within their organizations.   All participants will receive the Student Workbook and Facilitators Guide files in electronic form so they can tailor the material to fit the needs of their organizations. 

EPA personnel may view the training materials.  In addition, collaboration related training pages that may be useful in developing Individual Development Plans have just been activated.

For more information, please call [202-566-2204] or e-mail Pat Bonner.

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