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Collaboration and Partnerships

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Change a Light Campaign Intergovernmental Outreach
EPA Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations

Geographic location or area of activity:  Nationwide

Description of activity:   To kickoff the 2007 Energy Star “Change a Light, Change the World” Challenge, the Office of Intergovernmental Relations sent nearly 4,000 letters to local governments, inviting city and county officials to encourage their residents to sign the Change a Light pledge.  While there are many ways that cities and counties can partner with the Agency to encourage their citizens to “change a light”, an increasingly popular option has been to register as a pledge driver on the Energy Star website. The 2007 pledge drivers already show a significant increase in the total number of light bulbs changed over the 2006 pledge drivers.  As of October 11, 2007, the results are as follows:

County Governments - In 2007 EPA, in cooperation with the National Association of Counties (NACo), sent 2,766 letters to county officials across the country encouraging them to work with Energy Star and NACo to get their citizens to participate in the challenge. As a result, new pledge drivers account for 90% of this year’s county participants on the Energy Star website and account for 25,420 of the light bulbs changed so far this year. As of date, 54 individual counties are registered as pledge drivers.  In these counties 6,793 pledges were signed and 30,874 light bulbs were changed within the communities.  In 2006, 4 individual counties signed up as pledge drives through the Energy Star website and 5,454 light bulbs were changed within the communities.

City Governments - In 2007 over 1,200 letters were sent to mayors with city populations greater than 30,000. New city pledge drivers account for 77% of this year’s city participants and 3,590 additional lights changed on the Energy Star website.  Thirty cities are registered as pledge drivers; in these cities, citizens signed 1,552 pledges, and 11,922 light bulbs have been changed through city-collected pledges. In 2006, 7 individual cities signed up as pledge drives through the Energy Star website and reported 8,332 light bulbs changed.

Local partners:  National Association of Counties and U.S. Conference of Mayors

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