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Collaboration and Partnerships

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Blue Skyways Collaborative
EPA Region 7 - Kansas City, Kansas

Geographic location or area of activity:  Ten states: Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico, and the areas along the borders with Canada and Mexico

Description of activity:   The Blue Skyways Collaborative develops public-private partnerships to reduce air pollution in North America’s central corridor.  The collaborative envisions a future where organizations will work together to reduce air emissions and make the heartland of America the Central Corridor of Innovation. The collaborative is the resource for those interested in developing and implementing best practices for environmental improvement. Benefits of partnering with the collaborative:

The Collaborative was created to encourage voluntary air emissions reduction in North America’s heartland. The idea started in 2004 and, with the help of the Central States Air Resources Agency (CenSARA) and EPA regions 6 and 7, the collaborative celebrated a kick-off meeting in February of 2006.
Blue Skyways strives to improve air quality through partnerships with non-profit and environmental groups, private industries and international, federal, state and local governments. Participants of the collaborative pledge to make that goal possible through active and meaningful participation in planning and implementation of projects that use innovations in diesel engines, alternative fuels and renewable energy technologies. Working together allows members to leverage funding and share technology and professional expertise.
Industry representatives of the Blue Skyways Task Force include: Mid American Energy, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, National Biodiesel Board, Port of Houston Authority, John Deere, Wal-Mart and Caterpillar.

In 2007 the collaborative collectively reduced reduced fuel consumption by more than 21.5 million gallons in 2007, and reduced emissions as follows:

The Blue Skyways Collaborative added 86 new partners in 2007, bringing the total to 124. 

Interagency partners
6 federal agencies: EPA, DOE, DOT/FHWA, FAA, DOD, USDA/NRCS,  
10 state agencies: Texas CEQ, Louisiana DEQ, Arkansas DEQ, Oklahoma DEQ, Kansas DHE, New Mexico ED, Missouri DNR, Nebraska DEQ, Iowa DNR, Minnesota PCA, plus CenSARA

Local partners:  Some of the partners added in 2007 include:
Local governments: City of Tulsa, OK., Springfield/Greene County, MO., and Johnson County, KS. 
Community groups: Grace Hill Settlement House, St. Louis, MO. and the St. Louis Association for Community Organizations
Other: Washington University in St. Louis, Pollution Prevention Partnership - Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, TX., and the Metropolitan Energy Center, Kansas City, MO.

Activity URL:  http://www.blueskyways.org/

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