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Collaboration and Partnerships

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Annual EPA-DOD-STATE Federal Facility Colloquium
EPA Region 3 - Philadelphia

Geographic location or area of activity: Region 3
Description of activity:  The Regional Federal Facilities Program leads planning for and conducting of the Annual EPA-DOD-STATE Federal Facility Colloquium (the Colloquium), an event unique to Region 3.  The goals of this conference are to improve communication with the regulated community, promote communication among facilities and increase Federal facilities’ compliance.  Participants include both civilian and military agencies as well as their state counterparts.  The 2007 colloquium attracted 170 attendees representing EPA, DOD, Civilian Agencies and the Region 3 states.

The Colloquium included presentations by EPA’s Regional Administrator Don Welsh, and OECA Assistance Administrator Grant Nakayama as the keynote speaker.  This year’s Colloquium included two workshops conducted by EPA representatives on No Net Stormwater Impact and OTIS/ECHO.  Also, six tracks in the following areas: Air Quality, Water Quality, Cleanup and Innovative Technologies, Waste/Tanks, Chesapeake Bay and Natural Resources, and Environmental Managements Systems, with 32 presentations conducted during the Colloquium.      

Interagency partners:   EPA, DOD, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia

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