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Collaboration and Partnerships

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Air Quality Management Plan Pilot Projects
EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards

Geographic location or area of activity:   St. Louis and the entire states of New York and North Carolina.

Description of activity:   The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the States of New York and North Carolina, and the City of St. Louis in partnership with the States of Illinois and Missouri are improving air quality by rethinking the current pollutant-by-pollutant planning.  Since this pilot project began in September 2007, EPA and its partners are examining air pollution problems from a multi-pollutant perspective.  This pilot project will consider transportation and other growth/sustainability issues as part of air quality improvement goals.

EPA's "Air Quality Management Plan Project" encourages state and local governments to create comprehensive air quality plans.  Currently, air quality management plans separately address air quality concerns such as meeting the national standards for six common air pollutants, emissions from certain industrial sectors, visibility in national parks, ecosystem health, and risk reductions from toxic air pollution.  The pilot project plans may address comprehensively theses concerns and add other considerations such as land-use, transportation, energy and climate change.  By integrating the requirements of the current state planning process into a more comprehensive plan for air quality, we hope to find efficiencies, save money, and improve air quality.

The pilot areas are collaborating with the business community and local governments to educate them on the new process and develop strategies.

This project will run through December 2009, with implementation and follow-up through 2013.

Interagency partners:  This project is involving many offices within EPA, such as: OAQPS, OGC, OAP, OPAR, OTAQ and Regions 2, 4, 5 and 7.  In addition, the state governments of New York, North Carolina, Missouri and Illinois will be the leads on this project.

Local partners:   The pilot areas will be working with the local elected officials in St. Louis and localities in New York and North Carolina.  All the pilot areas will be engaging a variety of local business communities, environmental groups and citizen organizations.

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